Monday, December 28, 2009

In Luau of Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed time with loved ones. Pear Tree Events was busy with a surprise In Luau of Christmas party for Pete's 70th birthday on Christmas Day. We are going to preface this post by saying that in general we are not in favor of using a lot of pre-made, paper decorations. Often they are only used once and tend to not be environmentally friendly. In this case the family had several boxes of luau decorations available to use so we took advantage of it. We ARE in favor of reusing items whenever possible. That being said, here are a couple of party pictures...

The entry way featured a small candy favor display (the guest of honor is diabetic so going overboard on a candy buffet would not have been appropriate.)

We made the Hawaiian print stockings specifically for Pete's birthday and will feature those later on in the week as a DIY project.

As far as decor is concerned, this sign by Handmade by Heather stole the show. Guests decided the sign needed to stay up on the bar long after the party was over. Head over to Heather's shop to see the other fabulous customizable items she offers.

No neck was without a lei.

Straw hats were set around the house for guests.

It could not have been a more beautiful day! The family played Frisbee in the street.

A blue sheet inspired an impromptu photo station for guests. A grass skirt and bikini top were handy so guests to have their picture taken "surfing". (How cute is our assistant there? :)

It was a pleasure to get to be a part of celebrating Pete's 70th birthday with her family. She actually said she had NEVER had a birthday party with decorations before! I guess that's what happens when you share your birthday with Jesus!

Here's to looking forward to 2010 and a fabulous New Year.


  1. okay, the title of this post is KILLING me!
    such a cool thing to do for Grandma Pete, i can't believe she had never had a party! :)

  2. Looks awesome, T. I'm sure Jesus would agree this party has been a long time coming.


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