Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DIY Fabric Napkin Rings

This Saturday is Christine's baby shower and we are so excited to see it all come together! We used black and white damask ribbon on the invitations for this party and are tying in the pattern on the place settings with these fabric-wrapped napkin rings.

There are several things we love about this project. First, it is easy. If you can plug in a glue gun and wield a pair of scissors, you can make custom napkin rings. Second, this project was inexpensive and eco-friendly-- using fabric scraps and repurposed paper towel rolls. Third, it can be 100% personalized. Use any fabric you like to match any decor or table setting! Finally, this project is quick. Here is how you can make your own:

You need:
  • fabric
  • paper towel rolls
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • rotary cutter (optional)
  • self-healing mat (optional)
Using the scissors, cut a paper towel holder into 6 or 7 equal-sized pieces. We cut ours into 1 1/2 inch circles.

Trim fabric into 3 1/2 or 4 inch by 6 inch pieces-- one for each napkin ring.

Wrap the longest length of fabric around the outside of the cardboard ring. Glue one end of the fabric to the cardboard, then after you've wrapped it around, fold the finishing end over and glue the end down.

Fold the ends in, one side at a time, and glue them to the inside of the paper towel ring.

Don't be shy with the glue! You want the outside to look nice and finished but it is okay if the inside isn't perfect.

It is THAT easy! Next week we'll share pictures of the completed table settings we will be using these for.

Monday, September 28, 2009 is up!

Check out our website, designed by the very talented Andre Harris Jr.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Luau Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago we received a last minute request for 5 dozen cupcakes for a luau birthday party. Given more notice we would have loved to have ordered surfboards to top the cupcakes with, but as it was the paper parasols worked out just fine on their own.

The "sand" on the top of the cupcakes was ground up graham crackers and the umbrellas were functional as well as decorative. Each different colored umbrella indicated a different flavor of cupcake:
  • Blue = vanilla
  • Yellow = lemon
  • Pink = strawberry
  • Ocean and sand (blue frosting) = chocolate

We would have LOVED to have The Frosted Cake Shop do these-- but for this party there just wasn't enough time (or budget) for 5 dozen of their gorgeously decorated creations.

Friday, September 18, 2009

DIY Votive Embellishment

Happy Friday! This week we've been posting more than usual because there has been so much going on, but next week we'll be back to our Feature Friday with a *sweet* feature (hint, hint). For now we'll leave you to your weekend with this EASY way to add some personalization to plain votives.

All you need is paper and double-sided tape. For Hunter's 18th Birthday we used origami paper with the colors of the party to decorate plain glass votives using this Martha Stewart tutorial. Origami paper is ideal because it is so thin and easy to work with. We also filled the votives with sand before placing the candles inside to add one more little beachy touch.

The results? A quick, simple punch of color and detail. Remember, it's all about the details.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspiration Board: Lindsey's 30th Birthday

Red Hot

Coming in November!

Clift Hotel.
San Francisco.
Redwood Room.
Girls Night Out!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madeline's Christening

This past weekend was Madeline's Christening in Walnut Creek. Madeline's mom, Heidi, knew exactly what she wanted and chose the color scheme, planned the menu, and selected the flowers. All we had to do was put the elements together and help facilitate the event. Here are some of the highlights.Chocolate brown table cloths plus baby pink napkins divided by pink Gerbera daisies equals a girly chic celebration.

If there is one lesson we've learned in party planning it is this: You can't control everything, but you CAN be prepared for everything. The weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate for this outdoor event, however a last-minute trip to Target and these camouflage tarps provided a solution-- rain or shine. At least they weren't blue, right?

Guests entered the home and as after they passed the gift table were treated to an assortment of Izzy sodas, Pelegrino bottled water, sparkling lemonade and iced water from the bar.

Onto the luncheon of croissant sandwiches and a variety of salads (all made by Heidi). Hors 'd oeurves included shrimp cocktail with a horseradish cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, and blanched vegetables.

For dessert, this gorgeous cake was served. The cherry blossom design was the inspiration for the whole day.

Finally, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting were offered after the cake had been passed out.

Madeline slept through most of the party but guests had a wonderful time, enjoyed the outdoor seating area, and left Heidi with very little leftovers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspiration Board: Madeline's Christening

Remember the baby shower we did for Heidi? Heidi's little bundle of joy, Madeline, has her christening tomorrow and after-party in her family's back yard in the bay area. Madeline's mommy loooves pink and envisioned a picnic-feel to their back yard party. The inspiration for this celebration comes from the cherry-branch cake Heidi chose so we went with pinks and browns.

Heidi is also a fan of pom poms so we've added a few to include a colorful pop on their outdoor deck. Pink flowers in clusters of white vases will be the centerpieces.

Here is the inspiration board we put together, stay tuned next week for pictures of the event!

Madeline's Christening

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DIY Flags

These may be the easiest do-it-yourself project ever, but these flags can make a big statement and add lots of (inexpensive) color and detail to your event decor.

Here is what you need:

- fabric

- pinking shears

- rubber bands

- dowels

Once you've decided on a color scheme (in this case we chose light blue, navy blue and red) select some fun fabrics for your flags that follow or compliment the palette.

  1. Cut fabric squares using pinking shears into the desired size. We made flags for Hunter's 18th Birthday in two sizes, 4x4 inches and 12x12 inches. This is a no-sew project-- pinking shears make it so that the fabric doesn't fray, since it is not bound on the edges.

  2. You'll need one fabric square, one dowel rod (we used chop sticks for the small flags!) and two rubber bands for each flag. Secure two corners of the fabric to the dowel rod using two rubber bands, one at the top of the dowel and one at the bottom of the length of fabric.

Note: For the small flags (on chop sticks) we used tiny rubber bands. You end up having to wrap those suckers quite a few times if you use regular-sized ones.

Here are the small flags once they are finished and ready to be packed up to take to the party. Couldn't be easier, right? This is also a project you can take with you and complete anywhere, even say, in the car... on a trip to Bodega Bay while your assistant is driving... ;)

Display your flags in sand like we did, staked right in the grass or in vases or planters. Cross your fingers for a little breeze and enjoy!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Feature Friday: Sakura Graphic Design

Welcome back to Feature Friday! One of the biggest ways to make your event memorable is by "thinking outside the box". Whether it is decor, favors, games or stationary, using unique and unexpected elements help your party stand out. Why not consider working with a graphic designer to create unique one-of-a-kind invitations or stationary for your event? We'd like to introduce you to Sacramento-based Sakura Graphic Design!

Buongiorno! My name is Kate Digrigorio (dig.rig.oreo) and I am the owner of and
designer for Sakura Graphic Design. It had always been my desire to take my
creative ideas and turn them into a self-sustaining business. After many late nights and countless Diet Cokes, Sakura Graphic Design is now an independent, full service design firm intent on providing creative designs along with quality results.

This being the third year in business, I am delighted to branch out into new and exciting endeavors. First on my list is LETTERPRESS! I fell in love with the look and texture of letterpress and I am on a mission to make it a new line of cards under Sakura Graphic Design. (All handmade of course.) So stay tuned in the coming months at for more information and progress reports.
And Happy Creating!

We are a little bit infatuated with the these crisp, clean-looking Passover invitations.

Modern baby shower perhaps?

We love the lavender/grey and red color combination on these holiday gift tags! Envision your family name at the bottom-- cute, cute, cute!

We're not shy, the "Tini Time" invites are our favorite. Don't those raspberry pink invitations immediately invoke the flavor of berry martinis? Where can we RSVP?

Head over to Sakura Graphic Design's website and see what other goodies Kate has to offer. Shoot her an email with some project ideas you have and let her help make your party truly memorable and fun!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hunter's 18th Birthday

This past weekend Pear Tree Events helped celebrate Hunter's 18th birthday in Bodega Bay, California. There isn't much preparation needed with a location like Bodega Bay! Above is the view from the golf course overlooking the ocean.
We couldn't help but take pictures of the stunning scenery.Aren't the green grass, blue sky, and purple flowers absolutely inspiring? That color palette would make a gorgeous wedding or baby shower.
Even the street signs were stylish. And "Gull Drive"? Too cute.
To help set the mood, decor included these fabric flags (which we'll feature as a DIY project in the coming weeks) and sand-filled votives on the tables.
These origami votives are a Martha Stewart DIY. Origami paper is thin and can be adhered to the glass votives with just a little bit of double-sided tape. This is a great way to get a lot of mileage out of your typical glass votives and dress up an ordinarily plain tablescape!Mini fabric flags were secured in vases filled with sand and flanked the entrances and jazzed up the outside deck.
The weather cooperated wonderfully as the warm, breezy Bodega afternoon turned into a cool, crisp coastal evening. The light breeze was just enough to get some movement into the fabric flags.
Guests were invited to "Have a Ball" in the large grassy area off the rear deck of the home. The basket below was filled to the brim with volleyballs, frisbees and several different sized footballs-- all in the party's red/light blue/navy color scheme of course.We think it's fun for parties to have a "signature drink" so for Hunter's birthday we chose a Bodega Bay Brew, which (since he is 18 and not 21) was a non-alcoholic sun tea with lots of fresh lemons and limes.
The beach house where the event took place had a stash of commemorative glasses from the local Sandpiper Restaurant and annual Bodega Seafood, Art and Wine festival which were a perfect addition to the decor.
Hunter is a "meat and potatoes" guy but given that we were in such close proximity to the freshest seafood you can get, the menu included grilled tuna steaks and marinated yellow-tail sashimi as well as grilled tri-tip, bruschetta and a summer salad.

By the end of the night everyone was sprawled out on the living room floor watching movies from the 80's (interjecting their own commentary) and chatting well into the morning.

Happy Birthday Hunter! We are honored to have participated in this milestone in your life.

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