Monday, January 25, 2010

Mason's Birthday "On the Green": Food

Yesterday was Mason's 1st Birthday Party "On the Green". Not only did the party have a golf theme but the "green" carried into every aspect in the form of recycled materials, compostable elements and even guest participation. We'll be sharing this party all week so first here was the menu:

U.S. Open Club Sandwiches
Presidents Cup Fruit Skewers
PGA Tour Potato Salad
Masters Marinated Vegetables

In the Rough Red Velvet Cake Pops
Fairway Vanilla Cupcakes
Muddy Golf Balls (Chocolate Cake Bites)

Drinks included:
18th Hole Bloody Mary's
Pebble Beach Punch

When guests RSVP'd for the party those who wished to golf were given tee times. Everyone met at the party location (which we'll share on Feature Friday this week) and the golfers picked up their lunches before heading out to the course.

Up tomorrow: Decor and Activities
Wednesday: Vendors
Thursday: Budget
Friday: Venue

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