Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY: Program Fans

Appropriate for a HOT July wedding, we decided to print these wedding ceremony programs on fans that guests may use throughout the wedding and reception. At Pear Tree Events we are always looking for elements that have dual purposes. These make a thoughtful favor for guests and guide them through your event.

For this project you will need:

- white card stock (modify the colors to suit your wedding inspiration)
- black card stock
- craft sticks
- silver spray paint
- glue gun
- double-sided tape
- ribbon

1. Print your programs using the highest print quality on your printer and cut them into 6" squares. The front and back of the program need to be printed on two pieces of paper (no two-sided printing.) Round the corners (or use decorative scissors to embellish.) Cut the black card stock into 7" squares and round the corners. Using double-sided tape, affix each program centered onto a black card stock square.
2. Spray paint the craft sticks and allow to dry. Dab a small drop of hot glue on the end of the craft stick and attach it to the back of the program, leaving half of the stick hanging off the end. Dab with another drop of hot glue and attach the other side of the program. You should now have front and back sides with the stick securely in the middle.3. Tear four small pieces of double-sided tape and adhere the four corners of the program front to the back to keep the papers together while the fan is in use.
4. Finally, tie a 1" wide ribbon (or several thin ribbons in coordinating colors) onto the craft stick at the base of the program. Please tie a bow larger than the one pictured above... and cut the ribbon on the long side so the ends will be flowing. We made this sample a bit hastily, as we were working on another DIY project for the same bride all at once. Check back to see one of the favors we made!

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