Friday, July 3, 2009

Feature Friday: Paperless Invitation Providers

Today's Feature Friday is a bit unique in that we are not actually featuring a small business, rather we have chosen to highlight an often overlooked means of inviting guests to your event: with an online invitation. Using online invitations can save you a significant amount of your event budget while still setting the tone for your party. Then there is the obvious benefit (which we LOVE at Pear Tree) of being environmentally friendly!
Most people are familiar with Evite, which offers a collaborative website to users that has a design unique to their event. Evite's services are also free, which is helpful in questionable economic times. Guests can write notes and RSVP directly on the site. Evite designs tend to be on the cheesy side (although they have made improvements, check out these designs by another Pear Tree fav, Sarah and Abraham) so there are a couple of other option we wanted to share.
Pingg is similar to Evite however they have a wider selection of "designer" invitations and provide the option to have announcements sent directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Pingg has quite a variety of beautiful wedding invitations that are worthy of even the biggest budget wedding. Most Pingg invitations are free but you can purchase "Premium Plus+" invitations for $10.

Lastly (but couldn't be farther from least) is Paperless Post (pictured up top.) While this service isn't free, it is so cheap you can't help but spend entire lunch-hours designing the perfect invitation-- we know from experience! "Stamps" on Paperless Post are $5 for 60 (we said they were cheap) and you get credits for inviting friends. Sign up today, but don't forget to eat your lunch.

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