Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madeline's Christening

This past weekend was Madeline's Christening in Walnut Creek. Madeline's mom, Heidi, knew exactly what she wanted and chose the color scheme, planned the menu, and selected the flowers. All we had to do was put the elements together and help facilitate the event. Here are some of the highlights.Chocolate brown table cloths plus baby pink napkins divided by pink Gerbera daisies equals a girly chic celebration.

If there is one lesson we've learned in party planning it is this: You can't control everything, but you CAN be prepared for everything. The weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate for this outdoor event, however a last-minute trip to Target and these camouflage tarps provided a solution-- rain or shine. At least they weren't blue, right?

Guests entered the home and as after they passed the gift table were treated to an assortment of Izzy sodas, Pelegrino bottled water, sparkling lemonade and iced water from the bar.

Onto the luncheon of croissant sandwiches and a variety of salads (all made by Heidi). Hors 'd oeurves included shrimp cocktail with a horseradish cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, and blanched vegetables.

For dessert, this gorgeous cake was served. The cherry blossom design was the inspiration for the whole day.

Finally, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting were offered after the cake had been passed out.

Madeline slept through most of the party but guests had a wonderful time, enjoyed the outdoor seating area, and left Heidi with very little leftovers.


  1. great job! it all looks perfect.

  2. Looks amazing! Wish I could have been there to sample one of those cupcakes...


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