Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DIY Flags

These may be the easiest do-it-yourself project ever, but these flags can make a big statement and add lots of (inexpensive) color and detail to your event decor.

Here is what you need:

- fabric

- pinking shears

- rubber bands

- dowels

Once you've decided on a color scheme (in this case we chose light blue, navy blue and red) select some fun fabrics for your flags that follow or compliment the palette.

  1. Cut fabric squares using pinking shears into the desired size. We made flags for Hunter's 18th Birthday in two sizes, 4x4 inches and 12x12 inches. This is a no-sew project-- pinking shears make it so that the fabric doesn't fray, since it is not bound on the edges.

  2. You'll need one fabric square, one dowel rod (we used chop sticks for the small flags!) and two rubber bands for each flag. Secure two corners of the fabric to the dowel rod using two rubber bands, one at the top of the dowel and one at the bottom of the length of fabric.

Note: For the small flags (on chop sticks) we used tiny rubber bands. You end up having to wrap those suckers quite a few times if you use regular-sized ones.

Here are the small flags once they are finished and ready to be packed up to take to the party. Couldn't be easier, right? This is also a project you can take with you and complete anywhere, even say, in the car... on a trip to Bodega Bay while your assistant is driving... ;)

Display your flags in sand like we did, staked right in the grass or in vases or planters. Cross your fingers for a little breeze and enjoy!

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